The Take Home Lessons…for me and you.

19 12 2009

Several portions of this blog are about coping with the “campus blues.” Currently, I am a terrible example at college coping skills. I have procrastinated writing a fair majority of this blog until hours before the deadline. The take home message of this blog writing experience…practice what you preach. Trite but true. I need to improve my time management skills to reduce depression and anxiety. Hopefully a new year and fresh semester will bring better habits. Time will certainly tell.

But the take home message for you…STOP the STIGMAS! Mental health disorders are serious illnesses. Talk with your friends and family about how you are feeling, what you are feeling, and why you feel the way you do. Don’t be shy about finding help and recognizing your problems. The first step on the road to recovery…admit it. By admitting our problems, we can solve them. Remember to use your resources. Don’t resist medication, relaxation, exercise, or other coping strategies. At first, I resisted all forms of counseling, but a persistent mother persuaded me to have professional help. I am truly grateful for faithful parents who never gave up. Their love, support, and encouragement helped me conquer my panic disorders. They are my greatest support. Find someone who you can rely on, someone who you can trust, and someone who cares. Change takes time. But the wait is well worth it.



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