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Starting October 12, BYU Womens Services will hold an eight week depression seminar. Depression: The Way Out, a weekly meeting for women and their loved ones, is held on Mondays at 12 noon in 3380 of the Wilkinson Student Center. The seminar will explore the causes of depression, lifestyle treatments for depression, nutrition and the brain, thinking and depression, positive lifestyle choices, stress without distress, unfulfilled expectations and loss, and how to improve brain function.


National Alliance on Mental Illness Utah

NAMI Utah serves to maintain the dignity and improve the lives of those who suffer from mental health disorders through education, support, and advocacy. NAMI offers a variety of ways to get involved and raise awareness about mental health. Volunteers for NAMI lead support groups, teach classes, run local affiliates, perform outreach and advertising, and take mentoring calls. For more information on NAMI Utah contact:

450 South 900 East
Salt Lake City, Utah  84102
(801) 323-9900
Toll-free (877) 230-6264
Fax: (801) 323-9799

Mental Health America

Mental Health America offers a variety of resources for Americans suffering from mental illnesses. The organization promotes tools to help buffer the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression. MHA provides opportunities for advocacy, public action, donations, and discussion. Get involved through Mental Health America!

Families for Depression Awareness

Families for Depression Awareness, a nonprofit organization,  helps families across America recognize and manage the various forms of depression and associated mood disorders. The organization also works to reduce the stigmas associated with depressive disorders. Volunteer opportunities are available through Families for Depression Awareness. Volunteers serve as media contacts, distribute materials, host fundraisers, help with volunteer tasks, create family profiles, and make financial contributions.

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education, or SAVE, aims to prevent suicide and depression through public education and awareness. The organization offers general information, news and events, coping resources, and support groups. You can get involved with SAVE by registering as a volunteer, making a donation, or creating a SAVE memorial. Stand up with SAVE to improve suicide and depression awareness.

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