The Famous and Mental Illness

The following list highlights famous figures who suffered from mental illness…

Abraham Lincoln: President Lincoln suffered from severe and incapacitating depressions that occasionally lead to thoughts of suicide.

Ludwig VanBeethoven: One of the world’s most brilliant composers, Ludwig VanBeethoven, suffered from bipolar disorder.

Vincent Van Gogh: This celebrated artist also suffered from bipolar disorder.

Isaac Newton: Sir Isaac Newton discovered the laws of gravity while battling mental illnesses.

Ernest Hemingway: The  Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist battled suicidal depression.

Sylvia Plath: Sylvia Plath, the famous poet and novelist ended her life long battle with clinical depression by taking her own life.

Winston Churchill: “Had he been a stable and equable man, he could never have inspired the nation. In 1940, when all the odds were against Britain, a leader of sober judgment might well have concluded that we were finished,” wrote Anthony Storr about Churchill’s bipolar disorder.

Patty Duke: Patty Duke, the famous American actress, discussed her struggle with bipolar disorder in an autobiography.

Charles Dickens: Dickens, one of the greatest authors in the English language, suffered from clinical depression. Despite depression, he managed to craft classic novels.

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